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I Am a Brain Surgeon

I can take the lid off your head and open up your brain. I will separate the ideas from the gray matter and create the story you want to tell.

Write It Down!

You’re the authority with expertise in your own brain of course, but maybe you don’t enjoy research and writing, or you’re just not sure where to start. But, you know, some things are better left to the experts, just like brain surgery.

I’m the small business owner’s voice. I take all the stuff you think and say and create the story you want to tell. I’ll write your blogs, newsletters, emails and other content so you can focus on building your business.

• Ghostwriting, co-writing, editing, original content.
• Research & analysis; brainstorming presentations.
• Thesis and dissertation research and editing.
• Creatively expressing your concepts and ideas.
• Web content, blogs, articles, newsletters, emails and more.
• Distilling random thoughts into cohesive language.


I’ll conduct research to ensure relevance.


I’ll relate the content to your field of interest.


I’ll do the work, and you enjoy the results!

Renée’s first job (other than babysitting) was as a waitress at Embers Restaurant. That career spanned an entire three hours although it probably felt much longer for her customers that night.

Today, Renée spends her time working with small business owners and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life through writing books, blogs, newsletters, LinkedIn posts, press releases, emails, and any other form of communication they need.

Looking at the writing process through the eyes of someone who loves to cook, stories start out looking like a plate of spaghetti. Everything is jumbled together and, while it tastes good, it’s just sort of piled up. Our intent is that the end result looks more like lasagna! It’s lined up in rows and layers, separated by the noodles, the sauce and the cheese. Organized and delicious!

Renée’s other passion is to help military service members and veterans through career transition. She is a Board Member and volunteer with Eagle Group of Minnesota Veterans helping families navigate through career transition and change.

How can I help you tell your story?

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Write It Down!

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