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I Am a Brain Surgeon

I can take the lid off your head and open up your brain. I will separate the ideas from the gray matter and create the story you want to tell.

Write It Down!™

You’re the authority with expertise in your own brain of course, but maybe you don’t enjoy research and writing, or you’re just not sure where to start. But, you know, some things are better left to the experts, just like brain surgery.

I’ll give your project a measured dose of R&A, and/or ghostwriting and editing for an outcome you’ll be proud to claim as your own.

• Ghostwriting
• Research & analysis
• Thesis and dissertation research and editing (includes R&A)
• Creatively expressing your ideas
• Website content, blogs, articles
• Distilling your random thoughts into cohesive language.


I’ll conduct the necessary research to make sure your topic is accurate and relevant.


I’ll relate the content to your field of interest.


I’ll do the work, but you get to enjoy the results of your quest for solid and quantifiable outcomes in your business or career.

Renée’s first job (other than babysitting) was as a waitress at Embers Restaurant.  That career spanned an entire three hours although it probably felt much longer for her customers that night.

Next, she worked at a boat marina on Lake Minnetonka and loved learning basic office procedures from the wife of the owner.  The most fun part of the job was running out to the dock when a boat pulled up and helping them fill up their gas-guzzling powerboats.  After high school, the business world beckoned and Renée’s career took her into the computer and electronics industries,

working for engineering and manufacturing companies.  Eventually, she began a 22-year stint at AT&T in Business Network Account Sales and Service.

Along the way, earning a bachelor’s degree in Management and Economics, and a Master’s degree in International Management helped shape her knowledge and worldview.  Later, she completed a doctoral degree in International Leadership at the University of St. Thomas.  Renée’s son, Torin, is a Marine Corps veteran currently serving in the National Guard and works in the transportation industry.  Her grand-dog, Whiskey, is a St. Bernard who became famous after he fell out a second-story window and landed on the roof below.  The city’s firefighters still talk about that unique rescue!

After leaving AT&T, Renée approached her writing career more diligently and worked to gain additional skills as a research analyst, writer, and editor.  Recently, work as a ghostwriter emerged and she has two books in development regarding 1) end-of-life planning and, 2) business leadership development.  So many people say, “I have a book in my head!” and she wants to help them make their publishing dreams a reality.

Let’s biopsy your ideas, stat.

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